We strongly believe in our full responsibility for design, where we will ensure that the building meets the user's requirements to the highest extent, and works to the highest efficiency possible. We endeavour to tailor and detail the services and our proposals to the particular needs of the client and the building.

We promote sustainable design by firstly optimising the traditional MEP design in order to minimise energy loads and then designing efficient systems. After which we apply low or zero carbon technologies to create a truly sustainable design.


Building Services Design

• Consultancy on all aspects of building services and their aesthetic integration with the fabric of the building. • Advice on building services strategy and preferred available options. • Design, tender and follow up on site. • Advice on defects. • Site services engineers. • Coordination between trades. • Help with incoming services. • Troubleshooting.


• Advice on built form of building and how it affects its energy and carbon emissions footprint. • Daylight and overheating analysis. • Advice on Part L, thermal insulation and report. • Low energy systems. • Renewable technologies and their cost effectiveness. • Planning energy statements.


• Air conditioning/cooling. • Heating installations. • Domestic water services. • Drainage. • Fire protection services. • Ventilation. • Specialist extraction. • Incoming services. • Specialist services. • Acoustic design. • Thermal insulation. • BMS and control systems. • Swimming pools


• Incoming services. • Power distribution. • Lighting systems. • Fire alarm and detection. • Security systems. • Public address. • Data/comms. • Standby generation/UPS. • Lightning protection. • Vertical transportation.

Building Monitoring and Soft Landings

• Helping building users and managers to take over recently completed buildings, to run and manage them efficiently. • Checking that the controls and building services are operating as intended and identifying shortcomings and potential improvements. • Monitoring energy use, trends, possible savings and com- parison with DEC/ EPC certification.

3D Design Philosophy

We take pride in our use of 3D CAD to complement our 2D drafting models in order to produce details and entire models to ensure that the mechanical and electrical services will fit within the building.

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